► Kshama Sawant vs. Independent Organization – [WQ2.15.03.28]

Below is an article by Ben Seattle on the needs of the movement that I thought was deserving of attention. I hope that activists will find it valuable.

The War for Quadrant Two

Kshama Sawant – Vacillating Ally or Strategic Opponent ?

Activists who are working today to create independent political organization are faced with the task of understanding the two sides of social democracy:

(1) the good side–its role as a vacillating ally in the struggle for useful and necessary partial demands

(2) the not-so-good side–its role as a strategic opponent which promotes of illusions aimed at undermining the recognition of the need for organization which is not dependent on social democracy.

Social democracy appears to be emerging as open trend in the U.S. in a way that has not been seen since the depression of the 1930’s, and FDR’s New Deal. This emerging phenomenon is already beginning to generate an ocean of debate and discussion as a new generation of activists are confronting, and attempting to sort out, political questions that many of them have never encountered before.

Art and I…

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