Leaflets and Pamphlets

Below are some of the leaflets and pamphlets I have written in PDF format.

The Addendum/Notes for The Way Forward
By Art Francisco
January 20,2015

The Way Forward 12.3
Only the Conscious Proletariat Can Bring an End to Racism and Violent Repression
Ver 12.2
By Art Francisco
First Published January 16, 2015, last edited January 19th, 2015

To Stop the Massacres in Gaza
The fight to end the massacre and lift the seige of Gaza is inseparable from the fight at home against police murders, and for higher wages, lower rent, free transportation and dignity and rights for immigrants
Ver 2.0
by Art Francisco July 23, 2014

Our Response to the Massacres in Gaza: Build the Independent Movement Against Imperialism and the Rule of Capital
Leaflet by Art Francisco and Ben Seattle, with help from others – August 9, 2014

PIGS: The Cops are Mob Enforcers for the Rich and Powerful
An SPD memo made into a concise flyer for agitation.
by Art Francisco September 27, 2014

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